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      Flat wafer production line equipment

      Flat wafer production line

      Flat wafer baking oven

      Cream spreading machine

      Wafer cutting machine

      Hollow wafer production line equipment

      Hollow wafer baking oven

      Non-connect type cream spreading machine

      Automatic feeding cream mixer

      Distribution system

      Ball type wafer production line equipment

      Ball wafer baking oven

      Nut-let sprinkling machine

      Flat pressing machine

      Trimming machine

      Soft waffle production line equipment

      Waffle batter mixer

      Soft waffle baking oven

      Soft waffle baking plate

      Net chain cooling conveyor

      ABOUT US

      Located in beautiful city Zhaoqing of Guangdong Province, China, is an outstanding enterprise in the foodstuff machinery industry. We have excellent technical developing personal, providing our customers with individual and special design requirement following the market trend, producing first-class foodstuff machine.

      Our production lines are applied and used by world famous companies like Nestle and Karft -Nabissco. Beside domestic market, our wafer production lines are also exported to overseas market such as Asia, Middle East, Africa,Europe, Middle America and other regions. At present, we have main products of full –automatic/energy –saving wafer production Line (flat/hollow),waffle and Ice cream cone production line and so on.

      "Provide high quality products and excellent after sales services to customers with sincerity" is our business tenet. We will specialize in manufacturing the most competitive foodstuff machine for our customer.

      Kehua Foodstuff Machinery Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd
      ? 2012-2020 ICP 16023686
           Technical support:Tds  www.teamdreams.cn
      Contact us





      Landai Industrial Park, Duan Zhou 8th Road, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China

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